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An international podcast and community where you’ll shed limiting beliefs, connect to your core and get the tools to claim your most authentic life. 

In this invigorating podcast, embark on the inner journey with your host and meditation teacher, Sandy Vo.

Entering as a refreshing young voice, Sandy brings forth ancient spiritual wisdom to modern day living. Each week, she equips her listeners with tangible tools for self-care, perspective shifting insights and soul-enriching conversations with guests from all walks of life to overcome obstacles and make transformations happen.

The promise of each episode is to leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and empowered to go after the life you desire and deserve. 


Join the private SuperConscious Soul Circle community.

Anonymous Episodes- Listen as callers from across the nation openly release an untold story under an anonymous filter

Guest Experts- Tune into expert guests and personalities who have overcame obstacles share their story and provide more tools

Soul Talks- conversations with the host about the latest happenings and speaking from a soul-centered place.


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ways to be a guest

 1) Want to be a featured Expert guest?

Send an brief email to and include:

1) where you found the podcast or who referred you

2) a brief bio including your story + tools you want to provide

3) what you’re currently excited about

4) why you would be a suitable guest on the show

2) Behind every face is an untold story.

Share yours Free from judgment- Anonymously.

Send an email to and include:

1) where you found the podcast or who referred you

2) what story would you like to release in this container?

3) what valuable lessons did you learn from the experience?