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let’s Be something about it.

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I’m here to help empowering women like you trailblaze the path to high levels of leadership through sacred self-care.

Ease through the overwhelm, get unstuck, align with your gifts, and live a life in your Highest expression.


but first, free stuff to guide your life at ease.

8 self-Care Upgrades to Thrive In Life, Biz & Relationships


Get Equipped with the Tools to Be the Best Version of You Without Burning Out in the Equation.

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hey, i’m Sandy!

a meditation teacher, Self-care practitioner, intrapreneur who is committed to helping you trailblaze the path to your honor your Highest expression through sacred Self-care.

I equip the modern day woman with Self-care “tools” to thrive in life, biz & relationships. 

I'm also a podcaster, educator & belly-hurting laugher.

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client note

“The first and best result from working with Sandy was sleeping better! For most of my adult life, I have struggled to fall asleep at night; I used to find myself lying awake for hours. With my meditation and self-care routines firmly in place, most nights I fall asleep much faster..and sleep much better!  

Our work together has also helped me better refine my business and marketing. My business is growing steadily, and a big part of that is because I can serve my clients fully now that I'm not bogged down with my own issues!”


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Because living your

always inspiring and meaningful life

begins with the decision to start now.


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