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These private transformational programs are 6+ month packages.

Due to the nature and depth of the private sessions, I am only available to serve a few clients at a time.

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client stories

  The first and best result from working with Sandy was sleeping better!

“Before beginning work with Sandy, I was at a place in my life where I felt overwhelmed with stress, depression, and many day-to-day issues. Things that once were no problem for me to navigate were knocking me off kilter for days at a time. I tried talking with friends and several other things of that nature but felt like I was spinning my wheels and couldn't find any peace or focus in any area of my life. I felt like an emotional mess, getting upset at the drop of a hat about simple things, and emotionally unable to help my friends through their own hard times.  

I was hesitant to try meditation, but knew that what I had been doing wasn't working! I talked on the phone with Sandy and knew quickly that our personalities were a good match. As a Christian, I have often been told to be wary of meditation and things of that nature, but Sandy helped me see that meditation would not take away from my beliefs, but even strengthen them. After our consultation, I was ready to dive in! 

I really enjoyed my experience with Sandy. She was always kind, caring, and open to all that was going on in my life. She gave me the space to talk when I needed it and gently guided the conversation and redirected me to the heart of the matter. In addition to being there to guide me through some of the problems I was facing, Sandy gave me practical tools to help me work through everything.

“best way I can tell everyone is that it is enriching and fulfilling”

“I was at a difficult and trying time in my life when I first decided to look into the practice of self-care and meditation. At the time, I was just getting out of a long term and abusive relationship while also coping with a recent job loss. Desperate, I had actually first gone to a psychologist to seek a way to fill the void I felt I had in my life; after three months of no progress, I went to find an alternative way to get better. Through the wonderful ways of social media, I found Sandy's website and had been following it for quite some time before coming to her for guidance, and I am so happy I did. It's quite difficult to describe how meditation is to anyone because it's a very personal experience for each person, but the best way I can tell everyone is that it is enriching and fulfilling, and can very much be one of the best decisions of your life to follow the practice as it was mine. After all of the hardships I had experienced, I initially felt lost, confused, and hurt. I was heartbroken and felt no motivation or energy to do much at all. “

Through Sandy's patience and guidance, I learned to cope and actually feel happy on my own again.


Working with Sandy was very powerful.

I took so much away from our session. Sandy taught me was how to use very powerful, practical tools, which positively affected my day to day activities and was easy for me to implement. Her work helped me to gain more clarity on how to allow myself to really listen to my body, which after the session led me to less stress and more happiness. Her work is of a very high, pure vibration. Thank you Sandy! I highly recommend a session to anyone who is thinking about working with her. 


We started simple with daily meditations of just one minute, then implemented a new daily self-care routine that fit into my busy schedule, worked on finding ways for me to set boundaries in all areas of my life (and how to stick to them). Every step we took was simple, but made a huge difference!  

 The first and best result from working with Sandy was sleeping better! For most of my adult life, I have struggled to fall asleep at night; I used to find myself lying awake for hours. With my meditation and self-care routines firmly in place, most nights I fall asleep much faster..and sleep much better! Our work together has also helped me better refine my business and marketing. My business is growing steadily, and I think a big part of that is because I can serve my clients fully now that I'm not bogged down with my own issues! 

I would absolutely recommend working with Sandy. After our sessions finished up, I even signed on for a business coaching program with her! I have sent her blog to several friends and added some of them to her wonderful Facebook group, too.”