EP 53: Our Life on Purpose Mel & Nate

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In this episode, you will meet a couple who were corporate employees turned full time global digital nomads. After 2 years of breaking through their own barriers, they finally came to the shocking realization that they would have to work their corporate jobs for the next 35 years. As they say, it was a huge chunk of their time to be spending inside of a box. 

Today, Mel & Nate are traveling the world together as a conscious couple, leading a fulfilling life on their own terms and have never looked back. 

You will hear about: 

-How Mel and Nate took the conscious leap to leave their corporate job and become full time digital nomads

-How to break through the mentality that your life has to look a certain way by societal terms and leap to explore possibilities 

-How to get unstuck, get conscious about what you want and make decisions based on that

-How to navigate through the emotions traveling full time with a partner

-Behind the scenes of a digital nomads and nice instagram photos

-How they set up systems so their business is still operating


They share their favorite countries and cultures and so much more! 

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