64: Access Mental Clarity Now with Brittany Galipeau


Welcome back to another episode of SuperConscious Soul Podcast! This episode features Brittany Galipeau who will get you in touch with your cognitive clarity and inner wisdom. Do you want clear, focused attention? This will shift your life and help you show up in your relationships!

Brittany is a Mental Clarity Coach specializing in how our brain breaks down our thought processes. She calls it Cognitive Consciousness. After working with people that injured their brain from car accidents, strokes, illnesses and beyond, as a Cognitive Therapist, she soon realized that the training she was working on with her clients could also be beneficial to anyone else that suffers from daily overwhelm, scatter brain, and so much more. After the company she worked for closed and her first significant loss in her family, she found herself asking " whats next?" Thats when she began working with coaches to get clear on how to bring her big idea to life and launched herself as the Happiness Engineer! Brittany helps her clients completely redesign, build and maintain a positive thought process through the knowledge of what she calls, the building blocks to thinking.

Brittany is constantly going live on her Happiness Engineer Facebook page and instagram talking about different brain hacks, life tips, and mindset shifts. She is always coming up with new useful products for people to bust through brain burn out and navigate cognitive chaos. Currently she has finished up her Month long Compass to Clarity program that will relaunch in the fall. She is continually taking in new one on one clients to help people get to know how their brain in uniquely wired to them. At the end of the day, her goal is to help people reconnect to their Self and share a genuine smile.

On this episode we talk about: 

- Speaking your truth and learning from it.
- How your brain works on a cognitive level.
- Dealing with burn-out in a fast paced world.
- Recognizing different thoughts associated with your minds energy.
- How to find a process to work through cognitive flooding. 

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