Seek Happiness From the Inside Out


When it comes to finding happiness, 

so many of us suffer from the what I like to call the “when and then” syndrome. When I drive a nicer car, then I will be happy

When my body is fit and toned, then I will be happy

This is why I’m so excited to share with you today’s conversation that I had with Celebrity Happiness Expert, Rob Mack who has such a profound perspective on happiness and powerful story to share behind it. 

 In today’s episode, Rob is going to shift your entire perspective on how you achieve happiness.

You’re going to learn:

- how to improve the programming of your mind so that you can be, feel, and think happier in a way that is deep, true and sustainable

- how to transform your mindset

- daily hacks you can do to be the happiest version of you.

You won’t want to this miss! 


"Enlightenment is lightening up."

"If you think about it, most of nature, is perfectly blissful despite experiencing similar loss, misfortune, death, illness.”

"The problem is a mind that can’t stop thinking.”

"Even if you had the perfect life, lover, health, body, success,

Conditions and circumstances, it only accounts for 10% of your happiness"

"When I tap into my inner Self, things happen more harmoniously and they show up.”

"Happiness is not circumstantial or conditional. 

Success doesn’t lead to happiness

But happiness leads to success 

If you can get happy before your circumstances change or improve, 

you can actually improve the circumstances in your life.” 



Rob’s Instagram

Rob’s Website

Rob’s Book Happiness From the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment 


Robert Mack is a happiness coach, speaker, and author of Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment. Robert is also the Celebrity Dating & Relationship Coach for the television show, Famously Single on E! He has been a featured guest expert on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, Self, Health, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Upscale Magazine and many others. His work has been endorsed by Oprah and Vanessa Williams, among many others. Robert received his Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology (M.A.P.P.), an ivy-league degree held by only a few dozen people in the world, from the University of Pennsylvania. He currently splits his time between Miami and Los Angeles.

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