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Ever had that moment in your life where you knew your body was communicating something to you and you went to see medical professionals only to find out that “Everything looks normal. There’s nothing wrong.” ?

In today’s episode, we are going to tune into an inspiring story about one woman’s will to take charge of her own health when she had a mysterious illness. Sharon Falchuk is a functional medicine certified health coach who specializes in helping those with mysterious illnesses forge their path to healing. 

In this episode, Sharon takes you on her health journey as she was navigating through mysterious illnesses that over 15 medical professionals had no answers to. 

You learn: 

- How to take charge your own health

-How to reconnect to yourself and be your own best healer

-What functional mind/body medicine is and how it differentiates from main stream medicine

-How to deal with family members who don’t understand your sensitivities 

Giving people confidence to say I know whats best for me

Sharon’s sayings during the show: 

"When you make changes, it disrupts everything around you. 

The amazing thing is once you get to the other side, the people around you start changing and healing too."

"I’m grateful for beauty for ashes. 

The challenges in our lives aren’t wasted, there is so much we cannot wrap our mind around. Everything in our path is here to teach us and someways grow us. You can’t come through any of those things the same person who came in.” 

"Make connections for yourself. Tune into the message that your body is telling you. It's just a matter of paying attention."


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