Finding Her Voice & Sharing Her Gift


I love the raw true tales that come from the anonymous callers about overcoming the most difficult times of life. These episodes highlight the humanness that is present in all of us and the stories behind the faces that create the facets of who we are.

In this episode, our anonymous caller releases a story about being denied by her father at birth and could not be cared for by her mother by the time she was 8 months old. She spent her life being cared for in different households wondering if her father was ever going to want her as a child. 

When she finally gets an opportunity to rekindle with her father, something tragic happened that left her questioning her self-worthiness of love. 

Music was her home. Today, she is a singer songwriter and her voice heals people the way singing healed her as she was navigating through the trenches of life as a child and teenager with no parents. She found her gift in the times when she felt the most lonely and unwanted. 

It shows how we must honor those tragic times in our lives because it plays a great role in connecting us to our purpose and our gift. I send so much love this caller. 

Listening will surely send chills through your spine as you fall in love with the guest and her bravery.

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