A Journey from Chaos to Consciousness

I am so moved by the unique, deep and profound story of today's guest.

Nichole Sylvester is an unapologetic spiritual success coach, author and transformation speaker on a mission to guide people home to themselves. Her work helps many to discover their innate power and undeniable purpose. 

In this episode, we dive deep into the inspiration behind her memoir, OH SHIFT, A Journey from Chaos to Consciousness (releasing May 17th on Amazon) 

At the most tumultuous time in her life, Nichole found herself battling with drug addiction while raising a young child in the midst of an abusive relationship. Shortly after escaping from the relationship, Nichole received notice that a woman had been murdered in her home. 

This interview dives into Nichole's inward quest to heal on a higher level of consciousness. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

-About the resiliency of the human spirit

-That just because you've gone through "shameful" experiences does not make you unworthy

-Nichole's story about battling drug addiction and the generational patterns that destroyed her family

-The one part of you that remains unbroken and undamaged

-About relationships and the role they play in your life

-How to own and accept yourself for who you are 

-How to show up if you are an entrepreneur with a mission on your heart 

-What happens when you own your story

-Attachment to your identity and how it holds us back

This episode and Nichole's memoir will set many free. 

Nichole's Quotes Throughout the Episode:

"People shift when they have wounds around love.”

"Everything that happened to me was perfect.

We don’t know the higher reason for all of that."

"The things that we find shameful and we think disqualify us form the goodness in our life...it has so much power and strength and it connects us with other people and it's part of the human experience. 

"When we admit and own all of us, we can find our power in so much of it."

"If you are here and there is a mission on your heart and you step up for it, the way will be shown.” 

"If we can own all of us and accept it then other people can to."

"Our personalities are created to adapt to our environment and to dis-identify with it and allow yourself to play and to be role less."

"What were really afraid of is that we’re going to lose love. 

We’re never going to lose love by honoring who we are. 

Our desires are a direct call to action from the Divine. So why do we deny them or doubt them."