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Hello beautiful soul,

I’m Sandy.

An Upstate New York based meditation teacher, Self-care practitioner, soul-centered marketing whiz, podcaster and big believer in humans. I eat plates full of plants with beans and have foodgasms on the daily. And trust me when I say, it tastes a lot sexier than it sounds. Ask my soulmate, he’ll tell you.

I live for those belly hurting laughs and to be an ever-present student of Yoga Science & Life. And no, i’m not talking about the pretzel postures.

I gracefully left environmental sales while teaching meditation, honored my soul calling and now run a full-time practice empowering others to slow down, practice self-care, connect to their gifts and thrive in life, biz & relationships.

Helping you connect to your innate gifts is my mojo.

I believe the whole Universe exists in that sweet spot where your gifts are.

Read on for the rest

You aren’t just here to survive, but to thrive.

Born to hard working immigrant parents, I had a happy childhood filled with laughter, tons of love and bonding with family.

All of that changed when I experienced a series of some of the most profound losses of my life including my family. I slipped into a period of depression and anxiety where I spent most of my days wearing a mask pretending to happy, trying to escape and numb myself from the pain. What started in my head made it’s way to my body 45 lbs later. When I was lucky enough to fall asleep, I’d go to bed with heavy chest and wake up wishing I could just be the vibrant, happy 6 yr old Sandy again. God, give me anything to numb this pain, I would think to myself. Let me dive my head into more textbooks filled with information I can’t retain, sip more alcohol, eat more food, work 3 jobs at a time while being a full-time college student, stay up late watching reality tv, keep myself busy AF, compete in a fitness competition to get the dream body and maybe this heaviness will disappear.

The pain was real..

until I realized it wasn’t.


After I changed my diet, worked out for days, and had the dream fit body— I still wasn’t happy.

The symptoms weren’t going anywhere.

I remember thinking to myself.. well.. maybe this is it. Maybe i’m just not meant to be here anymore.

I committed a suicide when the moment I decided I wasn’t worthy of living the most abundant and blissful life and gave power to my depression.

It was at the height of stress, burnout, depression and anxiety where I lost all sense of who the heck I was that I began to question ..

Who Am I?

Why I am even here?

What is my purpose?

surrender design.png

Through this Self-inquiry.…

the Universe must’ve heard me.

Sent me an angel on earth who led me to Ayurveda practitioner then a special place called the American Meditation Institute.

It was there that I met the most authentic, genuine, meditation master Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev).

It was during that conversation that he said to me, “you have a special gift.”

During my first meditation class with my teacher, I went from having a chaotic scatter brain to one filled with an immense sense of peace, bliss, presentness, fulfillment all at one time.

I’ve always had a scent to seek the Truth and so much of it was revealed to me in that moment.

Pain is a messenger of Truth and the catalyst to deepening our level of awareness, evolving our expansion so that we can surrender to our Highest expression.

I had to be my own student first.

Teaching Miracles from Meditation workshop to engineering students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Teaching Miracles from Meditation workshop to engineering students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

I unplugged from the internet and spent a year in immersing in deep Self-study as I integrated these healing ancient yogic Eastern practices into my life.

I enrolled in meditation teacher training, taught workshops and speaking engagements to university faculties and students during my last year of college and decided I wanted to do this for a living.

I have the means, resources, tools, Universal support and knowledge to align with my gifts and not wait another day to do what I love NOW.

Sandy Vo Meditation Teacher.JPG


I quit my environmental sales job and started my online self-care practice where I now get to work with and guide high-performing women across the nation through programs with my laptop.

I am the host of Dear Self & Co., a 5 star rated transformational podcast being listened to in over 28 countries around the world.

I am the co-founder of a women’s empowerment and retreat company called Ladies Aligned.

I get to be a teacher/student of my students and private clients every single day.

I get to employ Yoga Science in all that I do and modernize it for others.

And underneath it all, I get to be a student of unconditional love.

I lived so long beneath these old concepts and stories that I was playing on repeat.

They held so much power over me. Until I realized—

I no longer need to let go of my stories.

Instead, I meet them with courage and compassionate understanding—

Then they let go of me.

I exist today as a vessel for Divinity to serve and play in the field of an ever-Infinite Consciousness.

This is what it looks like for me.

What would it look for you?

it’s my turn to tell you, you have special gift.

So let’s be something about it.

Sandy Vo meditation teacher

It’s not about doing more. It’s about Being more and doing less.

The key to happiness and living our most fulfilling and always inspiring life is connected to our willingness to know & to express our gifts. 

You and I both know that you weren’t just born to go to school, get a job, pay the bills, raise a family; wash, rinse, repeat and do it all over again. You’re here because you have that inkling of knowing that you were made for more. By integrating these self-care practices into your modern life, I’m here to help you thrive on your gifts.

This calls for a moment of self-honesty…

When was the last time got real about what your deepest desires are?

What do you really want?

Are you ready to become your Highest expression of Self?

so come play with me!


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LATEST PODCAST EPISODE I RECORDED: EP 38: An Honest Account of Addiction & The Power of Recovery featuring Cortney Lovell

SCARIEST THING I’VE DONE: Start my own business ( and of course, the most rewarding)

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“Sandy has the gift of bringing you back to yourself.

She understands that radical transformation starts within and that in order to serve the world, we must first serve ourselves. Anytime you engage with her, you’re left feeling lighter, empowered, and whole. One of my favorite things about Sandy is she’s more than happy to share her own divine gifts with you, but she wants you to discover yours and share them, too! Sandy embodies what it means to serve and doesn’t forget to lift other women up while she climbs. She knows how powerful we are when we come together. Her work is accessible, authentic, and is doing wonders to shift the Consciousness of all. Whether you’re looking for a meditation teacher, a moving speaker, inspiring interviews on her incredible podcast, or just a genuine laugh from a beautiful soul – Sandy is here to make sure you enjoy this ride that we call life! 


“I really enjoyed my experience with Sandy.

Sandy gave me practical tools to help me work through everything. We started simple with daily meditations of just one minute, then implemented a new morning self-care routine, worked on finding ways for me to set boundaries in all areas of my life (and how to stick to them). Every step we took was simple, but made a huge difference! The first and best result from working with Sandy was sleeping better! For most of my adult life, I have struggled to fall asleep at night; I used to find myself lying awake for hours. WIth my meditation and self-care routines firmly in place, most nights I fall asleep much faster..and sleep much better! I would absolutely recommend working with Sandy!”


"I never used to think meditation was actually helpful.

Friends tried to get me into it but I always ignored it This session was very interactive and informative. Sandy is a great speaker and her knowledge on the subject was amazing. I truly felt relaxed and hopefully I’d be able to continue using the tools in the future. Thank you for changing my perception on meditation. Sandy’s workshop helped re-ignite my desire to try meditation. I know that it can help relieve my anxieties and stresses and help me to be more focused and productive.” 


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